Avery Brewing – Fortuna

In honor of World Tequila Day (July 24, 2015, of course), here’s an excellent sour aged in tequila barrels with lime and salt added. The mental picture of a margarita is matched in taste with some up front tequila flavors and noticeable – but not unwelcome – citrus and salt on the end. It’s a smooth drink despite the 8.1%, as the wild/sour aspect is well-balanced against the additions and barrel notes. The weather (nearly 100 F that day) made it that much tastier, no doubt. Beers like this make me sad Avery isn’t distributed to Maine.

This bottle was gifted to me by a wonderful bartender at the Soulard International Tap House during my trip to St. Louis. Well worth the visit if you’re in the area.

(Avery Fortuna at Rate Beer, Beer Advocate, Untappd)


Maine: the way beer should be.