Beers of the World – Rochester, NY

If you have spent any time in Rochester, maybe going to school at Rochester Institute of Technology or Monroe Community College, then you might be lucky enough to have spent a little of it in this little slice of beer heaven.  Be it homebrew supplies, bottles, cases, hard-to-find beers, sodas, knowledgeable staff, Beers of the World is a retail store that has it all…

The first time we went the wife started laughing at me.  I had a kind of sloppy disbelieving grin on my face as we walked the aisles.  As beer stores go this is something of a supermarket.  There are shopping carts and a bottle return near the entrance.  As you start walking towards the back you’ll pass the German and some Scandinavian beers like Aecht Schlenkerla and Mikkeller and realize that this place knows what’s up.

The aisles have signs at the top like African and Mexican and Belgian and each one is packed.  The last 6 or 7 aisles are designated American micros and there’s a lot of great stuff to be found.  In the very back are non-alcoholic drinks like birch beer and orange soda; the far back corner has the macros.  As you circle back around towards the register at the front you’ll pass the coolers.  They contain a wide variety of the aformentioned and a small selection of local brewery growlers as well.  Finally there is the extensive homebrew supply and a few shelves of glassware, steins, openers, fridge conversion kits, and so on.

If you were REALLY paying attention you might have noticed the small vertical case that holds the vintage brews.  It’s not big enough for all of their older stuff but it does have the various Ola Dubhs and some J.W. Lee’s brews.  Oh, and you’ll find your BrewDog and your Mikkeller and all kinds of other great nonsense just around the next corner.  Choose wisely.

There’s a neat pricing scheme at play here.  You have the option of buying individual bottles but you’ll see under each one the price for a sixer and the price for a case.  Each cheaper than the last.  But don’t fret; if you get six beers that are from the same brewer and at the same price point you get the sixer price.  Basically you can mix-a-size as long as they’re at the same price.  In addition you’ll find sales at the end of each aisle.

I have yet to suss out the completeness of the homebrew supply area but it looks impressive.  I’ve been at the counter more than once behind a homebrewer with a 10 lb. bag of grain.  Being a member of the local homebrewer’s club, which I think is located here gets you a 10% discount.  I’m probably going to buy my kegging rig and my refrigerator conversion kit here at some point.

The best part is really the staff though.  I’ve met three of the dudes so far and they’re all incredibly helpful and happy to chat.  Mike showed me the vintage case and the Goose Island Bourbon County.  Brent spent a lot of time with me and K and her Dad helping us pick out a variety of beers for the wedding reception.  Jeff pulled out a Founders KBS that wasn’t even on the shelves anymore and gifted it to me when I was picking up some good stuff for the cellar right after the wedding.

There are some beers of course that they can’t get because they’re not distributed in New York State, but these guys try really hard to get what they can.  I wish there was an RSS feed so I could keep up on the new beers, but the new website is pretty great and I can follow them on Twitter.  It’s pretty hard to find anything to complain about so I won’t.  With a store this great just a few minutes away why would I want to live anywhere else!

I’ll update this post with pics shortly.  🙂


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