Brooklyn – Black Ops

Brooklyn Black Ops 09, 10, 11

Finally opened my oldest beer.  It turns out that this beer ages very well indeed.  We opened the ’09 and ’11, forgoing the ’10 because we had been to Tap & Mallet just before coming back home to try this.

I’ve pretty much stopped with barrel-aged beers, but this is one I have absolutely no problem with.  It’s definitely a bit stronger, and you get a bit of the alcohol heat, but it’s really nicely balanced and not at all in-your-face.  This is a great example of how to use barrel-aging to enhance a beer as opposed to creating a completely new beverage.

The ’09 just tasted more rounded.  Kind of like how salsa gets better overnight when all of the flavors meld.  ’11 was amazing too, of course, it’s just the the ’09 was even yet more better still.


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