Beercap Fridge Magnets

There are lots and lots of articles and blog posts out there about how to make your own bottle-cap fridge magnets.  They’re all silly though because the process is brainless.  I’m just going to save everybody a lot of time by putting it right out there:

  1. Save bottle caps
  2. Acquire 3/4″ round magnets
  3. Make ready your superglue or a glue gun
  4. Combine bottlecaps, magnets and glue in small mixing bowl on high for 3-4 minutes.

If you’d like to see some nice pictures of the finished product or if you’d like to know where to find the magnets or how best to remove the bottle caps, click on through to the other side.

First is the magnets.  Searching on Amazon yielded a few solid results but when you realize that shipping changes the cost from 5-7$ to 10-15$ you will remember that there is an arts & crafts store somewhere around you. I actually ended up getting this exact set for that exact price by going to the local Michael’s craft chain store.  Whether a craft store or Amazon just make sure you’re looking for 3/4″ magnets. If they’re a bit thicker that’s good because it will raise the cap up off of the fridge a hair which makes the magnets easier to grab and less likely to scratch the fridge.

I am finding my Suck UK Bottle Opener / Fridge Magnet to be perfect to remove the caps. I’ve had this thing for years and love it; now I’m finding that it doesn’t bend or otherwise mar the caps at all. If that’s a little expensive you may want to try the old-fashioned wing-style opener‘s top. I’ve read that since its top is so big the leverage it exerts pops the cap off nicely without too much bending.


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